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Gardening Tool Kit-Multipurpose and specialised for Bonsai and Succulent Plants

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Pruning Secateurs Shearing Type Is A Right Type Of Shear That Cuts Small Twigs &Amp, Branches Without Damaging Their Growth Prospects. Cutting With Other Type Of Cutters Or Twist Pulls Damages Their Growth. Hence Impairing &Amp, Hurting The Plant.

Curcuma Lily Bulbs (Pink – 4 Bulb)

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Curcuma have flower spikes that arise from the top of the pseudostem or sometimes on a separate stem directly from the rhizome. Flowering may occur early in the growing season, just before the leaves unfurl or along with them late in the growing season, depending on the species.
  1.  4 bulbs pack of fresh Curcuma Lily Pink.
  2.  Best time to plant grow: Rainy and Summers.
  3.  Plant nature is outdoor loves full Sun, less watering.

Zephyranthes Lily, Rain Lily (Yellow) – Bulbs

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Zephyranthes Lily Special Feature

Its star shape attractive flowers increase the beauty of any empty space.

Zephyranthes Lily Uses

Ornamental Use:
  • Effective in border fronts, rock gardens and along paths or sidewalks

Combo Pack-Buy 1 Adenium and Get 2 Free.

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Adenium is a tropical plant known for its striking flowers. It doesn't matter you are the new gardener. It will alive even if you will go to the holidays
The Specialty of this Pant : • One of the popular flowering succulent plants. • Popular house plant with attractive foliage. • Low maintenance plant. This combo pack contains:- Adenium Plant, Desert Rose (Red color) Adenium Plant, Desert Rose (Whitish color) Adenium Plant, Desert Rose (Whitish Pink color)
The variation of plants/colors can be changed as per the need of the customers at check out option also offering  free seeds with this combo worth Rs.149(Add this to cart and click here to avail your seeds)

Saussurea Obvallata Live Plant – Brahma Kamal

1,200.00 699.00
  • Material:Other, Color:White
  • Package Contents:1 Set of Seeds - Flowers
  •  Brahma Kamal - Saussurea obvallata Live Plant";Medicinal Plants";Brahma Kamal - Saussurea obvallata

Laxmi Kamal and Vishnu Kamal Plants-Vastu Plants for Money

1,699.00 1,200.00
Laxmi Kamal and Vishnu Kamal are an example of such a beauty that nature posses. Scientifically this plant is known as GRAPTOPETALUM MACDOUGALLII belonging to the succulent genus Graptopetalum. It is from kingdom Plantae and order Saxifragales

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IFFCO – Life Pro 100gm (10gm X Pack of 10) – Cut Flower Life Extender

400.00 200.00
Extends life of cut flowers. Keeps cut flowers fresh and blooming for longer. Maintains pH, and reduces bacteria of water.

IFFCO – Bokashi 1Kg (500gm X Pack of 2) – Compost Maker & Accelerator

480.00 240.00
Turns Kitchen Waste into Organic manure. Compost accelerates an-aerobic composting of organic, kitchen and garden waste. Controls foul odour. Easy

Bokashi (Kitchen Waste Decomposer) – 500 g

240.00 120.00
Bokashi (Kitchen Waste Decomposer) – 500 g Bokashi(Kitchen Waste Decomposer) is made using rice bran and mixed with a group