My Garden Tale



By Aiswarya

Caring is an important thing in our life. Sometimes it can give us a new life. This is also applicable in the case of plants. Our small touch and care can give magical impacts of plants in terms of flowers and plants.

All of us will very happy when we see our plants are stay healthy. But in this season, that is in summer season this healthy state is not an easy task for plants.

       But don’t worry plants!! We are here to help you.Maintaining garden is not a big task.

Do you want to make your plants healthy?? Then these tips will help you for it.

1: Improve Soil Quality

The summer heat can take a toll on the soil quality of your garden. So the first step is to improve the soil quality by adding organic matter

Compost also fosters a healthy environment for microbes and other beneficial organisms like worms.

2: Best Time To Water Plants

Watering plants at the right time is essential to their growth and water retention. The optimal time to water plants is in the morning.

3: Efficient Watering Tools That Solve The Problem Of Water Scarcity.

Use of efficient tools and technologies can reduce our headache regarding water scarcity.

4: Invest In a Shade

   Installing shade in your garden is a great way to help plants get through the summer heat.

5: Composting

It will keep over plants hydrated and healthy.

6: Rooftop Gardening For Cooler Homes

Gardening on rooftop absorbs heat and insulates buildings.

7: Ask Expert

If you are not sure about what to do it is always better to ask an expert about your problem.

       Gardening is a best way to increase our joy. It is a mind refreshing activity. Always keeping your garden healthy will make your life happy.

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